Things Most 20 Something Adults Hate 

  1. Slow WiFi, also, connected, but no internet.
  2. Working out once and not finding those abs underneath.
  3. Eating clean for one day and junk for the remaining week.
  4. Being woken up before it’s time.
  5. Taking a shower on Sunday.
  6. Going out and interacting with humans.
  7. Drinking and not getting drunk.
  8. Being cold enough for a blanket but too warm once inside.
  9. Waiting for people over ten minutes.
  10. Watching people throw trash out in the open.
  11. Casual sexism.
  12. People misbehaving.
  13. Not finding the right jeans.
  14. Being told what to do.
  15. Falling for click bait.
  16. Being confused.
  17. Not finding the favorite pair of socks.
  18. Being asked to be more religious.
  19. Running into old high-school teachers.
  20. Having to explain life plans to random uncle aunties.
  21. Being judged for independent choices.
  22. Being misunderstood.
  23. Realising the struggle is real.
  24. Saying bye to college life.
  25. Paying rent and taxes.
  26. Being the biggest critic of your own decisions.
  27. Realising you are getting old.
  28. Making fewer friends with each passing year.
  29. Your favorite artists getting old or biting the dust.
  30. Not having the same stamina as few years ago.
  31. Trying to make sense to younger one’s.
  32. Your favorite comfort food getting expensive with every year.
  33. Coming to terms with life and death.
  34. Watching the world get terrorized.
  35. Your friends sitting across oceans.
  36. Not knowing what is missing.
  37. Reaching your favorite bar past the happy hours.
  38. Having to say ‘no’ when you really wanted to say yes.
  39. Staying away from home.
  40. Having the ‘marriage’ talk with parents.
  41. A bad haircut.
  42. Having to quit but not on your own terms.
  43. A bad break up and strained relationships.
  44. Immature adults and annoying kids.
  45. Dependency.
  46. A forced conversation.
  47. Over the top PDA.
  48. Falling sick and hospital visits.
  49. Hypocrisy and double standards.
  50. Monotony, being the bitch that it is.

There are more than fifty things we all love to hate, truth is, we are only discovering ourselves and this journey will go on, in the next decade, you might hate the same things you like right now. So, chill and take it as it comes. Ciao! – DD


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