Quitting Your Job? 5 Things To Do In Your Notice Period.

The time has come for you to move on from your current job/title/position to a new one; it can be for personal reasons, professional reasons, reasons you cannot say out loud or simply getting out there to find your true calling. Here’s a list of five things you should do while you’re serving the final weeks:

Smooth Transition – Since you’d be working on certain tasks which are going to take a while to get over, make sure the person you’re handing over your responsibilities to gets a smooth transition, share the necessary files, give them an idea of how it has been and where is the project/task headed. Benefits of this – it makes you look like a responsible professional, this marks your exit from the system and they only miss you for the good you did.

Detach – You’re only human and it is okay to be attached to your cubicle, work friends, and a certain working style. It is necessary for you to give the next job a fresh start and not be stuck comparing the last workplace. Take your time, bid your goodbyes, ask for the necessary documents and leave in peace. In short, give it a proper closure.

Handover Documents – Now, your boss might anyway ask you to prepare one, but in case they don’t, prepare a file which will help the next guy after you, he will not only bless you but will also avoid nagging you for it first-hand. A couple of things you can put in this are your day-to-day task list, a list of weekly/monthly meetings, a list of reports, on-going tasks, related files & folders. Also, save a copy of this for yourself for future reference, just in case.

Give Your Best – Now, it’s easier said than done, you’ll be sitting out on meetings now since you’re leaving, you serve no purpose discussing the future. The emails won’t come directly to you, it’s easy to start slacking and take a back seat. Don’t. You only have a limited amount of time left, invest it wisely in strengthing the connections you’ve built, ensure your credibility till the last day and you’ll have for yourself a network which goes beyond the time you served in the ‘XYZ’ company.

Be Positive – Don’t contribute to the backbiting which usually goes on along with the final days. You’ve had good days and bad, in the end, you only learned more from each experience. Try not to incessantly talk about your new job or better opportunities, your peers will come to you with questions and opinions, give positive feedback and move on.

All said and done, don’t shut the door once you leave, a diverse network is any professionals strength in today’s corporate world. Make new connections but don’t forget the old ones.





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