Brings back memories? It’s that one word or place everyone has something attached to it. And if you haven’t been, then that group which you were supposed to go with or people who have disappointed you over and over with false promises. Sorry, guys. Anyway, a couple of days back, my dear school friend – Sleeping Beauty, texted me, and to be honest, I was thinking about her the same morning. The text was, “Impromptu Goa plans. Chalo.” – that was my invite to a Goa trip, which was already planned with another set of girls and I was to join. My weakness – I had done this before and she knew it. I had to consider, the first trip with a school friend and random people, sure why not. After series of permissions and optimum usage of convincing skills, we left for Goa, the same night.

Crazy. Now, understand we are six girls, height range from tallest to shortest, a nice bunch of good-looking girls in Goa. Now, if you’re aware of the clubbing scene in Goa, we were hot.

From LPK to Cabbana, demand for being someone’s entry card everywhere. But what did we do? Went ahead partied amongst ourselves because when you have friends with you, you don’t really need anyone else. There were nights we went sober and enjoyed the most or took turns in getting drunk.

What is a Goa trip without some drunk memories, sand, and shacks? Also, friends. We all confess to gawking at strangers for their fit bodies, perfect swimsuits, or plain beauty.

One place where judging takes a backseat and all are equal, no matter what you wear, how drunk you get, if you’re a girl with a girl or a boy with a boy, Goa welcomes with the warmest hug.

Food. So much food. Keeping the bias of seafood aside, it has some really good vegetarian and vegan food too. Foodgasms guaranteed, provided you know the places. Actually, eat wherever your heart feels like, the food is great everywhere.

Time seems to slow down or go too fast all at once. Witnessing the sunset is mandatory no matter what. Watching the waves crash at morning and late at night is essential.

For once, getting tanned is not a problem, like fuck this shit, I’m going to be out in the sun all day. Tell someone to ask you to do the same back in your home city? You’ll term them mad.

The sense of freedom, riding/driving wherever the road or Google Maps take you. Ending up on the beach whatever time of the day, no worry in the world, just watching the world go by.

Ease of drinking, almost anywhere and everywhere, right from the bus stop to the beach. Oh, and at what cost, not much. No wonder, it’s a favorite.

Music. It’s almost as if it is everywhere in Goa. All kinds of it. Bollywood. Live. EDM. Rave. Pop. You name it, there’ll be a place playing it.

It is one place where you don’t mind getting lost. Time and again, no matter how many times you have been there, each experience will have its own beauty.

So grab that friend and just go. You’ll never regret going to Goa. As for me, I’m grateful for having friends who believe in crazy random plans. Even so, executing the same with success. May you have them and cherish them. – DD



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