Daughters of Dads who sail. 

If you’re reading this then you or someone you know has their father away from home. Mine works in the merchant navy, he’s away half the time, most festivals, celebrations, and birthdays. Far from complaining, there are times you miss them even without knowing you do, you’re so used to doing things yourself, you never waited outside the school/college for them to pick you up rather you learned early how to drive. When the fittings would come lose, you’d grab the screwdriver first and then consider calling help. You’ve aced being independent. There are times when you miss their presence, like the parent-teacher meetings where you know he’d be a lot more supportive than your mom. The mother’s or their wives, on the other hand, become fiercely independent and take ownership for everything in their absence. Getting the furnishings fixed, paying taxes, bills, attending events, taking care of the entire family and yet writing to them daily. Now we have instant messaging but so wasn’t the case earlier. Real life scenario, my father is on the west coast of India right now, so he has managed to drop a line or even without so, thanks to the internet, I could track where his ship is so I knew already. Imagine to have not seen him for months and knowing he’s in the next state gives a feeling of him being home, imagine the happiness it brings when he finally arrives. It also speaks about a lot about love, going on without seeing someone for months isn’t easy. Marrying into the idea of long distance marriage half the year takes strength and devotion. I believe the children get accustomed to it as they grow up, not realizing the hollow it leaves in their childhood, only much later when they observe other families coming together for milestones like birthdays, anniversaries, graduation, college acceptance and so on. However, it only makes the bond grow stronger, to love what you can’t see and to believe in the strength of the family, these daughters and women are some of the strong one’s you’ll see.


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