You owe yourself to let go.

My best friend legit told me on my face it’s easy for me to move on. I believed her too. Only after years of believing her did I figure out I was doing something right. Letting go. Being stuck on people in the name of love isn’t me then again have I loved? Oh yes. I have lived in it, died in it and grown up in it. Okay, not so dramatic perhaps yes very dramatic. You see I never stopped believing in love, hence, it was important for me to let go of whatever was holding me back.

The mantra, love with all your heart and when the time comes mourn the loss of it with all your heart, let that heart grieve, acknowledge the loss and memories, fill it and make it heavy, so heavy that one day all you’re left to do is to unchain the weight of it and swim for breath on the surface. And like a sunken ship, admire the wreckage of it because you know it’s not going to sail again. Say your goodbye, visit for memories and keep swimming.



Whatever is meant for you, will find its way to you. You’ll never have to hold your breath, struggle too hard to stay afloat or constantly dive into the depths. It’ll be as easy as floating, touching the ocean yet basking in the sun and stars.

With that, hope you had a great year, let go of what is weighing you down, and take life as one cliff dive at a time – thrilling, exciting, scary and fun.

– DD


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