Judging much?

This comes from someone who’s first impression never stayed the same till the last one. Because first impressions are not enough to judge someone’s personality they’ve built in years. You can definitely judge how they look, dress up, what scars they have on their face or hands, the way they talk or walk, and the other likes of physical attributes.

You’ve judged someone just by hearing about them or by a preconceived notion, you’ve not had the opportunity to know them as a person. Later, the same person turned out to be one of the best people you’ve met in life. Or rather you still see them the same because of someone elses opinion because you were to naive to have your own. Or simply didn’t want to offend anyone. 

What they say: XYZ has so much attitude. Reality: XYZ has their own opinions and views which do not relate to the naysayers.

What they think: XYZ is too cool to be friends with everyone. Reality: XYZ doesn’t make friends for the sake of it, chances are XYZ invests a lot in friends and values them like family. 

What they feel: I hate XYZ I don’t know why.Reality: a subconscious sense of insecurity about something you admire in XYZ and wish you’d had. No reasoning required.

What they say: XYZ looks like this, XYZ did this, XYZ said that. Reality: You want to be a part of XYZ’s life, since you cannot you’re always updated and interested about them.

What they feel: XYZ doesn’t talk to everyone. Reality: Chances are XYZ is aware to be a misunderstood person and doesn’t like wasting time proving these people wrong. XYZ rather talk to people with shared interests.

Why is XYZ like this ? XYZ is made of the experiences he/she had, the people around, and perception’s. It’s very unlikely you’ll know about them to give them a benefit of doubt. You jump to conclusions to settle the curiosity in your mind. Because just like XYZ even you have a wall to filter things in your life. Make can opinion and move on. May be, years later when you run into XYZ again, your mind will be curious again, this time you’ll make an effort to understand and make an opinion.

If you’re someone who does not judge people by their first impression, you’re doing something right. Or even if you have and second guessed it, you are not alone. Misunderstanding someone and being misunderstood will always come easy. Taking an effort to understand is what will always stand you out. Make that effort, you’ll be surrounded by amazing people you never thought you’d have in life.



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