Personal Therapy 

Reading, music, swimming, running, pot, drinking, binge watching, meditation, being in the outdoors, sleeping on it, best friend’s shoulder, boyfriend/girlfriends hug, confessing to siblings, advice from the senior, self obsessing, driving, riding, taking a shower, playing with your pet, swings, working out, ice cream, comfort food, listening to others, crying, working, gossip, retail therapy, traveling, creating art, cooking, organising the mess, haircut, massage, chat with parents, stroll in the park, hitting up a conversation with someone older or younger, Skype with the soulmate, writing crap, admiring the sky, stalking people on social media, donuts, singing, scribbling, dancing, texting, disconnecting, connecting, playing with bubbles or balloons, sitting at the window, lying on the floor, reading old messages, photo albums, meaningful discussions, getting closure.



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