Getting inked and other stuff.

Tattoo. You’d be lying if you haven’t thought of getting one, its where, what and how. You may haven’t gotten one or decided against one altogether or you have them. Getting inked is a serious business some people do for fun or in the moment. There are others who think & overthink and go ahead with it, personally in this category.

What to get inked? Something meaningful, something beautiful, something unique. All this to yourself, don’t do it to be cool. See what you’re thinking of will appeal to you 20 years down the line or not. The best friends tattoo, the siblings’ tattoo, the couple tattoo, the tattoo in someone’s memory, all of it – no regrets to be borne later.

A good tattoo artist often asks a couple of questions before inking you, like what it means, are you one hundred percent sure, which part of the body not to go for et Cetera. Having a tattoo is a common thing now but having a meaningful tattoo is still uncommon.

Tattoos are addictive. You get one, you want to get another one. The origin of tattoos suggests that it gives a sense of empowerment to take control of your flesh, strength and will power. It gives a sense of self-confidence. Anybody with a tattoo is usually never low in that department. Tattoos suggest different things in different cultures, in Eastern Europe, my friends believe it’s an identification mark in case you die in a war, thought originating from the World Wars, in some cultures, it’s body art & beautification, in some show of strength, in some a way of differentiating.

It’s a common practice, it’s a scar you willingly give yourself for something of meaning to you. It’s an art rather brave art. Ink is to express be it on paper or on the body, but to give it meaning is on you.



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