Eating alone and other things.

In India you never see someone eating alone out of choice, since childhood you have your bench partner to share with, in college you have friends with you through the awful mess or the canteen, office scenes are sorted too, but put down to grabbing a lunch or a dinner on your own, you won’t, simply because you’ve never thought of eating out alone by yourself until put in a situation like that, or it signifies no friends or a hopeless case of being lonely. Plus the only time you eat alone is with a screen on in your bed or sofa. Why ?

Why is it not seen as a sign of independence ? Independent of relying on someone to accompany you for the basic need of life – food. I am sure a lot of you are totally cool with it. So how many times have you gone to your favorite restaurant alone to enjoy a meal with yourself ? Conditions – no one ditched you, routine trips don’t count, you thought of it yourself, you really wanted to go so you decided to go. Starbucks doesn’t count.

Other things being – grabbing a beer at the bar instead of waiting for a table, I know it’s more privacy and all, but just being there observing the multiple outcomes of a drink on several people, each different, each unique, trying to drown themselves in joy or sorrow or just third-wheeling for the heck of it, celebrating most of them, some being creeps, some dancing like the world depends on it. Again, this out of choice not by compulsion of being there because there was no seat. Just be at the bar, with friends or alone, independently. No, it doesn’t portray you as a Devdas unless you are one, no judging.

Enjoy yourself, it will become a memory so personal it’ll only belong to you. Next time, you go have that cheesecake in your favorite cafe if you feel like it, eat that bagel you’ve been craving and if you can’t finish the entire portion, get it home and eat it. Avoid decision fatigue by only choosing your food over anyone. Have fun, you.



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