Why 20s is the new teenage.

Everything is changing. Literally everything, you’re changing inside out, you see people differently, people are doing things you never thought they could or would, you have a weird relationship with your parents, your choices are not the same anymore, nothing seems to make sense, life is not how you imagined it to be. Conversations start over sitcoms, you’re labeled, not in an extreme way, but the guy who does photography, or the girl who smokes, the guy going out for studies, the girl who’s getting engaged, so on and what not. One of the most confusing phases of life, you don’t know how to save money or to invest, doing what you feel like doing is the most important thing again, you don’t like listening to people telling you what to do, you do seek advice but not always, you wish you were friends with certain people, you have an unrealistic crush, you hate someone for no reason, you know what is right for you yet you’re on a path bang opposite, you’re excited to try new cool things, you’re a grown up but not so much. You still use fake ids. You love your friends in spite of knowing what assholes they are. You getting out of the house is their doing. You texting that crush is their nudging. Your confidence in this world to be a better place, their love. Your memories in making, their craziness. You crying and laughing at the same time, them.You have insecurities about your body or the way you look or you wish you looked a certain way.  You envy friends doing cool stuff. You do question everything in its existence. You still stalk your favorite celebrity. You want to move out. You wish to know all the cool places there are. You wish you could eat all the food and stay the same. You wish you don’t have to move an inch and get everything done. You’re lazy. You’re different. You are hungry all the time. You eat when you’re bored. You’re not sure if ambitions are yours or your peers or inflicted upon you by your parents. You act like you don’t care, secretly you do. You are grateful for your friends. You still seek a manual through life. You know growing up sucks but you still want to grow up. You know you are going through a defining phase. You also know – you will make you, the best you.

All the best. – DD


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