What should you write?

Asking yourself what to write when all you can do is write. Why are you here? Why are you doing this? This is not your comfort zone, is this you trying to grow up? Co-existing with things that make it hard, to not be able to look in the eyes because it’s an abyss which leads the way into you. A path not difficult to discover if someone looked closer. One could dive and never be able to swim ashore. It’s an abyss which has contained oceans. Impossible, yes, not unimaginable. That is the power of meeting of the eyes; they can teleport you to hopes, despair, experiences, thoughts & silences you can’t fathom. The thought of hanging between the thought and expression is uncomfortable. If you contain it, it’ll kill you, if you do express, it will let you somewhere you couldn’t return from later. Blood rushes to the heart, it scares you, it’s preparing you to brace yourself for the impact your expression will have. It is still uncomfortable, but not after some time when you start breathing and living again.

P.S. – For those who kinda got lost as to what this blog is all about, it’s about the thought of saying things out loud, the decision making, and the tiny moment where your heart stops when you finally express yourself. Just that.


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